How To use 3dLUT mobile app for android

How To use 3DLUT mobile app and It’s Features 

So hi Friends in this article I will show you how to use 3DLUT mobile app and it’s features this the, this is the best and very reliable app for photo editing and make your photo amazing with it’s features so stay connected I will tell you how to use this app on your mobile and make your all the pitcher gorgeous.

How to use 3D luts mobile app

3DLUT mobile app is a powerful tool for applying color grading to your photos and videos using LUTs (Look-Up Tables). Here’s a guide on how to use the 3DLUT mobile app:


1. How to Download and Install

– iOS: Download the app from the App Store.

– Android: Download the app from the Google Play Store.

2. Import Media


– Open the App:Launch the 3DLUT app on your mobile device.

– Select Media:Tap the “+” or “Import” button to choose a photo or video from your device’s gallery.

3. Apply LUTs

 LUT Library: Once your media is loaded, browse the available LUTs within the app. You’ll see categories or a list of LUTs to choose from.

Apply LUT:Tap on a LUT to apply it to your photo or video. The app will automatically update the preview with the selected LUT.

4. Adjust Intensity

Intensity Slider: After applying a LUT, you can adjust its intensity. Look for a slider typically labeled “Intensity” or similar. Drag it to increase or decrease the effect of the LUT on your media.

5. Additional Adjustments

Editing Tools: Besides LUTs, the app may offer other editing tools such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. Use these tools to fine-tune your media.

Presets:Some versions of the app may include presets or filters that combine multiple adjustments. Explore these to see if they meet your needs.

6. Save and Export

Preview:Once you’re satisfied with the edits, preview the final output to ensure it looks as expected.

Save:Tap the save button (usually an icon like a checkmark or a disk) to save the edited media to your device.

Export Options:The app may offer various export options such as different resolutions or file formats. Choose the appropriate settings for your needs and export the media.

7. Importing Custom LUTs

Custom LUTs:If the app supports custom LUTs, you can import your own. Look for an “Import LUT” option in the menu.

Select File:Navigate to the location where your custom LUT files are stored and select the LUT you want to import.

Apply Custom LUT:Once imported, the custom LUT will be available in your LUT library for application to any media.

8. Share

Share Button:After saving, you can directly share your edited media on social media platforms or via messaging apps using the share button within the app.

– **Options:** Choose the desired platform and follow the prompts to share your media.


Tips: of using 3Dlut mobile app

Experiment with Different LUTs: Don’t hesitate to try various LUTs to find the best look for your media.

Use High-Quality Media:For the best results, use high-resolution photos and videos.

Backup Originals:Always keep a backup of your original media before making extensive edits.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 3DLUT mobile app to enhance and color grade your photos and videos with professional-looking results.

The 3DLUT mobile app is a popular tool for applying LUTs (Look-Up Tables) to photos and videos. Here are the pros and cons of using this app:

Pros of 3Dlut mobile app


1. User-Friendly Interface:
– The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not professional editors. The interface is straightforward, making it accessible for beginners.

2. Wide Range of LUTs:
– The app offers a diverse collection of LUTs, allowing users to quickly apply different color grading styles and achieve various looks for their media.

3. Custom LUT Support:
– Users can import their own custom LUTs, providing flexibility for those who want to use specific color grading profiles.

4. Real-Time Preview:
– The app allows for real-time previewing of LUTs on photos and videos, enabling users to see the effects immediately and make adjustments on the fly.

5. Additional Editing Tools:
– Beyond applying LUTs, the app includes other editing tools such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more, offering comprehensive editing capabilities.

6.Mobile Convenience

– Being a mobile app, it allows users to edit photos and videos on the go without needing a computer, which is ideal for quick edits and social media posts.


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