Google Earth Best Map App For android

Google Earth Best Map App For android

So hi Friends In this article we will discuss about Google Earth map best map app for android, in this article we will discuss about How To use this app it’s all features and how people and also you can take benefits from this app. You Can search places find any place you want, this is the best app provided by Google we all know how good is google and this application is also come from Google so this is the best app except all. And keep visiting itswayhub site for new article daily

Google Earth map

How to Download Google Earth map

It’s very easy to download Google Earth map on your mobile 2 way I tell in this article are both ways is very easy and working perfectly.

1 Download From Google Play Store

  • First of all simple method go to Play Store and search for google Earth map,
  • Now find the app and click on the app
  • It’s show you big install button on the screen
  • Click on install button and the installing process is started on your devcies
  • Now it’s show you installing process and time left in Wich time the app is download
  • After the installing process is completed you can easily use this app so this is the first and easy method

2. Download from Google or Apk File

Now I am telling you how you can download APK file of google Earth map you can also use this method to enjoy all the feature of google Earth map so let’s start the process and follow to install APK file on your mobile.

  • So if you want to download APK file of google Earth map and install APK file in your mobile so follow this process.
  • Go to any browser like Google Chrome or any other browser.
  • Type Google Earth map in the search bar If your browser and click on search
  • If you click on search it’s will show you lots of different websites where you can find downlaod and install Google Earth map.
  • Click on any website you want and also he is looking good or trusted so click on that website.
  • If you click on that website a article is in front of you read the article and follow the process to download the APK file
  • most of the time the link or download button of the app is given in the end of this article
  • So click on that download button to Download the APK file.

How to install the APK file in your mobile

  • So after downloading the APK file you need to install this application as well before using itt
  • Go to your file manager or find the APK file of google Earth map you can easily find this app in download folder or your selected folder when you download this APK
  • Click on that and it’s show you some privacy read carefully and if you agree then give permission
  • Now click on install button 2 to 3 time and your application is installed on your device and you can easily use it now

How To use Google Earth map

Now I am telling you how you can use Google Earth map app and get your desired results easily. This app is made by Google so the usage process is quite simple and easy,

For using Google Earth map open the girls map from your mobile phone or tablet and it will show you the means screen with a circular map it show you to option in the upper side and in the bottom side and its also show you the search option on the upper side of this application. Click on the upper side of the search or enter your desired place in which you have interest are you want to find the place now click on search button and it show you the desired result of your place you can see the result with images also.

Feature of google Earth map

Now I am telling you the useable and most amazing features of Google Earth map so let’s start.

  1. The first option and the feature of Google Earth map is search by name of any place you can easily search any place by just enter the name of any place you want
  2. 3D View of map Google map app also give you the option to view the map in 3D which is also best picture of Google Earth map
  3. My location is also a good feature of Google Earth map just click on my feature button and show you your location with a big Blue point
  4. Measure option this is also a good option in Google Earth map to measure the location of one place from an other place


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