Second Line – US phone Number Apk Download For Android

Second Line – US phone Number Apk Download For Android

So high friends in this article I will tell you about second line us phone number app where you can get USA number as a virtual number for your work and manage your business by using this number I am telling you how you can get a USA number by using this application this application is very well known application number in free and its also provide you some plan to buy their premium number.

Benefits of second virtual number

  • A keep this number private and separate from your business and work.
  • You can also use as a business number and buy a separate number for your personal communication with friends and families
  • Established a international business presence with USA UK Canada number and call freely to all the countries
  • This app safe 70% of international calling
  • Use multiple number on a single device

Pricing of this app

  • Second number start from just 0.99$
  • Unlimited free incoming calls and SMS
  • 1 minute rate for Indian 3.5$ and for Canada 1 Canadian dollar And check app for other countries rate

How to use Second Line – Us phone Number 

Its very easy to use and get Second USA number first off all open the app and sign in with Google if you sign in with Google this screen is showing to you

Second Line - Us Phone Number

Chose the number you want to get and Click continue and you can check pricing for the number it’s show you 2 subscription 1 month plan and 1 year Plan select the plan and get the number and make calls all around the world and recived message and calls freely.

You can also click on skip to use app freely and first check the features pricing and all the thing before purchasing the number if you click on skip it’s show you all the feature of the app.

How to use Second Line  App features

  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Dialler keypad
  • Account
  • History


In this section you can send and receive sms all over the world just click on SMS option and click on pencil icon give in the Uper right side of the app if you click on that . Enter number and entery your message and click send and your message is transferred.


In this section you can check who is calling and messaging you and see the all history where you can call and where you can receive call and message.

Keypad or dialler

The keypad or dialler features allow you to Dialled the number and you can Dial any number from all over the world and make call on that number.


Contacts option is in which you feed your contact number and when you need you can Dial any time

How to download Second Line – US Phone Number

No I am telling you how to download second line us phone number on your Android mobile first of all go to the place for and search second line us phone number is show you the application click on the application and click on install button the application is installed on your mobile within seconds are minute depend  upon your internet speed

APP information

App Version.                     1.0.9

Downlaod.                          100,0000 +

Required OS.                     Android 5.0 or Up

Offered by.                         Senatel LTD

Released on.                       June 25,2022


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