5 Tips to Get Your Blogger Ads Approved in 2023

5 Tips to Get Your Blogger Ads Approved
in 2023

If you’re a blogger looking to monetize
your site, one of the best ways to do so is through Google’s AdSense program.
With AdSense, you can create ads that appear on your site based on the kind of
content it contains—as long as it’s relevant and useful to your audience. 

As an
added bonus, you can even link directly to your website or social media
profiles within the ad itself! Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Then why
isn’t everyone jumping at the chance? Because getting your AdSense ads approved
can be tricky business!

1) Read The Guidelines

The Guidelines are always changing, so
it’s important to stay up-to-date on them. In order for your blogger AdSense approval policy 2023 blog post to be approved and run, the following
guidelines need to be met: The advertiser is not allowed to ask you for
anything other than a link back

A link must be placed below each blogger AdSense approval policy 2023 ad that directs readers back to their website

An individual blogger may only publish
three links per day

Ads should be relevant to the topic of
the blog or offer content related benefits to the reader. You cannot get
compensated through any type of commission or percentage of sales generated
from clicks on the ads. It is prohibited to include ads that provide credit
card services and gambling sites because they violate AdSense program policies.

The key to getting your blogger AdSense approval policy 2023 blog posts approved in 2023 will be by staying informed about Google
AdSense policies and guidelines, but also ensuring that advertisers don’t
contact bloggers for more information than required by requesting you provide
more personal information than necessary such as social security numbers or
bank account information. Remember, if you do have any questions about whether
an advertiser’s site is appropriate for AdSense, visit our help center where
we’ll provide guidance on what we allow and what we don’t allow. The best way
to make sure your blogger AdSense approval policy 2023 blog posts are approved in
2023 is by keeping current with changes in the Guidelines, but also being
cautious when someone contacts you asking for additional personal information.

2) Write About Relevant Topics

With the new blogger AdSense approval policy coming into effect on July 1, 2019, it’s more important than ever for
bloggers to stay on top of their policies. To help you out, we put together 5
things you need to know about the new policy and how it might affect your blog.

1. The revised policy will not
retroactively affect current campaigns or posts.

2. If you’re working with a third-party
ad network that uses Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (including Google
AdSense) and they request a site ID, please provide that site ID when asked so
they can ensure compliance with the new blogger AdSense approval policy
requirements. 3. By August 31, 2019, all networks must be compliant with the
blogger AdSense approval policy in order to continue serving ads on sites running
Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (including Google AdSense). 4. You are
required by law to disclose any relationships between bloggers and brands as
well as any affiliate relationships through either text links or visual
disclosures as per Federal Trade Commission guidelines. 5. In addition,
disclosure is required if you receive free products from an advertiser but do
not disclose this relationship if those products are relevant to your content
post. For example, if you wrote a review of said product without disclosing
that you received it for free, then you would be violating FTC regulations. If
you have any questions about the new blogger AdSense approval policy, feel free
to contact us!

3) Advertise Yourself Instead of Product

We’re all looking for ways to increase
our blog’s income. There are many ways to do this, but some of the most common
ones include: selling products, affiliate marketing, and blogger AdSense. With
recent changes to blogger AdSense policies, it can be confusing on how you
should advertise yourself versus your product sales. Here are 5 tips for
getting your blogger ads approved in 2023. These five steps may take a little
longer than before, but they will definitely improve your chances at approval!

1) Do not use words like buy or purchase.
These words are strictly prohibited by blogger AdSense policy. Instead, replace
these words with phrases like get, check out, or even more descriptive terms
like a new podcast every week. 2) Be specific about who you’re advertising to!
Keep in mind that what might work for one audience might not work for another.
If you write blogs geared towards moms, don’t advertise dog walking services to
them! You want to make sure that you’re reaching the right demographic because
if not, your ad could be rejected. 3) Describe benefits of purchasing rather
than features. 4) make sure there is enough text content in the post that
includes your ad without making it seem too much like an advertisement.

You should also consider adding other
pertinent information such as where the items can be purchased from, pricing
information, and shipping costs so people know up front what they’ll need to
invest when buying from your site. 5) Read through your posts before submitting
them – don’t just look over them quickly because there could be errors or mistakes
that could result in rejection. For example, have you used the word purchase
within the post? Make any necessary edits before submitting it to ensure

1) Don’t use words like buy or purchase.
These words are banned by blogger adsense policies. Replace them with phrases
like get, check out, or more detailed descriptions like a new podcast every

2) Be specific about who you’re
advertising to! Remember that what works for one audience won’t always work for
others. For example, don’t advertise dog-walking services to parents if they
primarily read your blog posts geared towards moms! It’s important to reach the
correct demographic because doing otherwise could result in disapproval of your
ad request.

4) Put Links in a Text-Based Area

Google has had a policy of banning ads
for personal blogs since 2003. However, this policy is set to change come
December 2020. Google’s new blogger adsense aprovel policy will allow bloggers
with more than 10,000 monthly visits to monetize their content through AdSense.
Here are five tips that will help you get your blog approved by the new blogger
adsenseaprovel policy:

1) Make sure your blog is set up properly

2) promote your site with social media –

3) Link back to your site from other
sites –

4) Engage with other bloggers and make
connections –

5) Have patience, it can take time for
Google to approve the website for blogger AdSense approval. Keep in mind that
there are guidelines for how many links to text-based areas need to be on your
page before you start earning any money from the advertising program. The
amount of links changes depending on how many visitors your blog gets per month
(10,000 visitors earns one link per 100 visitors). Be patient and follow these
steps, and you should be approved within 60 days! If you’re not, don’t worry;
just submit an appeal to Google and they’ll be able to take a closer look at
your site and decide if they’ll let you participate in their blogger AdSense approval.

 Continue reading the post for additional
helpful information.

Keep Your Links To Text-Based Areas
Short: Some people have gotten approval after submitting their blog and then
realizing that they had too many links going to outside sites and texts. You
must have at least one paragraph of text on each page or the search engine may
think your site isn’t very relevant or helpful to its users. Don’t put too many
affiliate links in either as well because those tend to get rejected quicker.

5) Use Plenty of White Space and Large

In a world of fake news and
misinformation, bloggers are coming up with some innovative ways to make their
content more visible. One way is through the use of ads that are approved by
Google AdSense. With more than 100,000 blogs on the internet and strict
regulations for blogger AdSense approval policy 2023 coming into effect, it can
be tough for bloggers to find out how their posts will be affected.

Here are five tips for making sure your
blogger ads get approved:

1) Keep your blog post content focused on
yourself or the company you represent.

2) Use high-quality images that are
relevant and appropriate to what you’re talking about in your blog post. 2) make
sure all fonts are readable and large enough to see clearly.

3) Be specific when referencing any
products so they know what they are approving.

4) Don’t include any hidden links or
non-relevant text in your blog post.

5) Don’t place blogger AdSense anywhere
on the same page as YouTube videos – this counts as video advertising which
isn’t allowed under current guidelines. The last thing you want is to be
penalized for something you didn’t know was against the rules!

We hope these five tips will help you
have success with your future submissions. If you still have questions about
any other aspect of blogger adsenseaprovel policy 2023 please don’t hesitate to
reach out to our team at (insert contact info). Some experts are predicting
that by 2020 over 50% of the ads seen on social media sites will be for fake or
misleading items. It’s no surprise that people are looking for new ways to
promote themselves online. Let us help you achieve success and continue to
bring people information they need every day.

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